Dragon Genetic

Genotype and Phenotype: Making a Dragon


Answer the following questions:

  1. How many chromosomes does a dragon have?
  2. How many traits are we examining including the sex of the dragon?
  3. Which Chromosome is the trait for Legs?
  4. Which Genotypes would result in a dragon with horns?
  5. Which genetic combination would result in a dragon with two legs?
  6. How many different phenotypes are there for legs in a dragon?
  7. What genetic combination would result in a green dragon?
  8. How many body colors are possible in dragons?
  9. If a male dragon did not have fire, what genetic combination could he have?
  10. If a female had the f allele on the X chromosome, would she have fire or not?


Part 2

Go to the link given and visit the links on part 1 to get the info.

Go to each of the links in part 2 and solve the problems. Write out your answers and punnett squares.